Friday, 8 February 2013

Candlemas - what did we do?

Snowdrops in the garden
Candlemas ended up meaning more to me than I expected. There are lots of ideas ticking over in my head and, more importantly, planning to make them happen. I used it as a kick off point for decluttering the house. The big push is over but there is still more to do so I'm making the effort to clear at least 10 items a day. It has also prompted me to think about my veg patch and to sift through all of my old seeds ready for the new season.

For the family, my boys didn't get it but that's okay, they're happy to celebrate if there is cake involved :-) We had a lovely roast meal with a fancy table followed by coffee and walnut cake. I did want to get a more 'seedy' pudding but ended up putting that back on the shelf when I took into consideration whether my lads would enjoy it.

Coming up is both Shrove Tuesday and Valentines. I foresee Shrove Tuesday as the usual informal yumminess though I do need to chat with my boys about what they would like to give up or learn throughout Lent. Valentines... we will see. I suspect there will be some heart shaped nonsense on the table.

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