Friday, 28 June 2013

Working with the seasons

There is a seasonality to my life and I am coming to realise that I should embrace this much more. I have made a start with noting the celebrations throughout the year but this time I'm thinking about my daily routine.

I love to do crafting... but this is really a winter/wet weather activity. My blog is currently very 'garden' heavy, that is because it is summer. As I'm in the garden so much I don't feel the need for meditation so this too seems to be a winter activity for me. One of my 'pages' is called 'self learning'. I want to study more but with everything else on my plate this has taken a low priority and I suspect that this is a seasonal thing too.

I think that I need to accept that I should have fewer projects on the go. Perhaps I should even let some lapse until the correct time of year comes around. I have been trying to nibble into several things at a time just to make sure that there is some progress but the problem with this is that it requires a lot of dedication as it is a long time before anything is completed and then they might all be finished at once!

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