Friday, 27 September 2013


'The Darkest Tulip'
I'm not a huge fan of tulips mainly because in my last garden the squirrels loved them. But last spring, whilst visiting the New Sherborne Castle , I saw a wonderful display of narcissi naturalised within the lawn with the odd pop of colour from a contrasting Tulip. I thought that they looked fantastic.
This is an idea that I have kept on the back burner ever since, waiting for the time to come when I can purchase tulips to dot around my lawn. I now have the tulips (a fairly short variety as my narcissi are quite low) but I don't know where to plant them! I think that they will have to go into pots until spring when I can pop the individual plants into the right location.

My lawn last spring.
Do you like mass plantings of narcissi? I'm not keen on the way that they are clumped together in my garden but each year I dig up a few more to spread them about a bit. One day they should look lovely, at the moment they are a bit municipal planting. They do make me smile though.

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