Wednesday, 16 January 2013


wonky candles
I love candles. Before we had children there were a lot of candles in our home but they were all swooped up with the onset of babies. As a child who has caused a house fire by playing with matches I am well aware of just how tempting these are.

Candles are coming back into our lives. Through out winter we have a woodburning stove, in summer evenings we like to have the glow of candles. But I hate waste so they all get recycled into new ones.

I usually use moulds, though other people would probably describe them as yogurt pots. Today I decided to give dipping a go. Using a tall thin tin I had fun creating these wonky candles. These candles rarely come out smooth but today they were made even more bobbly by me dipping them in water after being in the wax and not shaking them properly. They are probably the ugliest I have yet to make but I like them :-)

The bug has bitten me again so I now have three candle making books on order from the library inspired by the candles I found here, aren't they pretty?

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