Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Quick liner for the Log basket

Calico liner for log basket
My most recent project has been a very practical one for the house - a lining for our log basket. I love log baskets, they are great for keeping logs contained but are not so good for the splinters of wood that fall through the gaps. Fed up of the daily vacuuming I came up with a solution and, armed with the knowledge that the local fabric shop currently have a 20 per cent sale, I purchased 2 metres of Calico and quickly sewed up this liner. Perhaps a little too quickly as I forgot to wash the fabric first! Washed, and a little shrunk, it is the perfect size with no need to add elastic around the top. One more to make for the second basket and I'll be done.

A great quick 'n' dirty sewing task. I like these!

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