Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day

I don't feel that I ever truly enjoy a mothers day just for me. My mother in law (who is lovely) is usually visiting and it generally comes in the same week as my partners birthday so it gets a little overshadowed. But today has been a pleasant family day. I chose a box of maltesers to share, I love that their boxes have a hole from which only one at a time can be shaken out. This means that I can hear when my boys have a rattle :-)

We drove to a national trust site for a short walk. When we left the house it was sunny, by the time we got there it was snowing. I loved it.

We watched a movie together, Star Trek, with toffee popcorn. My lads are turning into regular little trekkies, watching my youngest son try to understand how this linked into the series is fascinating.

We had a lovely roast tea followed by crème brulee cheesecake, delicious.

Now the rest of the family are playing a board game and I'm happily escaping for my own bit of peace and calm.

It's been a delightful Mother's day.

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