Friday, 10 May 2013

Solar water

When we first moved into this house we refused to turn on the heating. The central heating for this old four bedroom house was supplied by an eighties inefficient Rayburn powered with gas bottles. I love Rayburns but we both knew that this was not the way to go.

After a lot of research my partner installed a biomass boiler with accumulator tank in the garage, this is fuelled by logs and does a good job of heating our home and hot water. We had one solar panel that we had purchased for our previous property but had never got around to installing. This was put up on our garage roof and, along with it's own smaller accumulator tank, was installed to pre-heat our hot water before it's pipe goes through the larger tank.

We now have 5 more panels to add to the mix. This will hopefully supply all of our hot water needs throughout the summer and actually make a bit of a dent in the winter too. The frames are up, just a little more plumbing to do and hopefully it will be good to go!

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