Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Turning the lawn over to my boys

A few days ago I found some old tennis court posts hidden in a corner. So when I stumbled across some line spray at a local shop (whilst hunting for spray varnish) I impulsively purchased it. At just under £10 it was pricey but I'm glad that I did as it gave me the inspiration to create a tennis court. Lots of mowing later, lines marked out and a few tree limbs lopped, we were ready to play.
It's not full size, whilst the lawn area is large it isn't flat and the trees get in the way. But it's big enough for us to enjoy a volley. It's been fun reintroducing my boys to this sport. 
When planning what to do in the garden I sometimes forget that it isn't just for me. My boys need space too and, let's face it, there is plenty of room at the moment! The photo above is of what we call the middle lawn. We currently have two trampolines (one is only used for lounging as it has a hole) and a slackline too (seen in the far left). This is all visible from the house but far enough away for the children not to feel as if they are under constant supervision.
I'm happy to say that we're enjoying the tennis.

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