Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Playing with blog rolls

I like blog rolls. I find that they are a simple way of keeping up to date with my favourite blogs. I also enjoy poking about in other peoples blog rolls. You may have noticed that one had crept into my sidebar here for a few days... and now it is gone again.

I didn't like it. My blog roll is fairly long and just looked unwieldy sat in the left sidebar. It has a mixture of topics, some useful to me, some are by friends and there are even a couple that are no longer updated but I still want for reference. I decided that a blog roll page is what I could do with. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a simple way to do this in blogger and I really didn't want to get bogged down in reading code. I did consider just creating a page of links but I do appreciate how the blogger widget lists them according to when the blogs were last updated. After a lot of head scratching I finally figured out what to do.

I have kept blogs before, one of which had a blog roll that just required a little updating. I changed the layout to reflect the greater importance of the blog roll itself. I now have a link from my sidebar to my new Blog Roll blog. It is easily missed! Not ideal but much better than filling the screen with clutter. 

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