Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Why Tarot?

I have always been attracted to fortune telling but my scientific nature has stopped me from exploring this field though I couldn't resist a second hand pack of tarot cards that I picked up many years ago in a charity shop. I have played with these on and off over the years but not truly put in the time to understand them. It has taken me a long time to be settled in my own mind about my mixed feelings towards the cards.

I find it hard to believe that the future is pre-ordained although I do feel that the short term future can be predicted to an extent as it is based on what is happening in the now. But even if the future is fixed I have difficulty accepting that a random shuffle of cards will show me what is going to happen. What I do find interesting is how I choose to interpret the cards.

I think that it is here that the magic is, in how I CHOOSE to read the spread. One card can mean many things and it's interpretation depends on how I am feeling at the time and the question I am asking. So rather than worrying about which cards I have I think it is more fascinating to consider why I am choosing to read them that way. Am I simply tapping into my subconscious? Who knows. All I am sure about is that if I am puzzled about something and do a tarot reading it opens my mind up to a different way of looking at the situation. It may not change anything but questioning further is not going to do any harm.

Improving my knowledge of tarot is one of my goals for this month.

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