Friday, 11 October 2013


Blue Vinny bread
A few weeks ago we purchased a lovely dorset blue vinny bread at the cheese festival. I'm not a huge blue cheese fan but the saltiness that the mould brings gave a lovely zing to the bread itself. It has definitely rekindled the desire for more so I've been keeping my eyes open for what we have locally. I also love a good granary but I've not managed to find any of these at all! I find it hard to believe that they have disappeared. There are plenty of good white bread options around, especially if I visit the local farm shops. But they get a bit steep on the pocket, on the other hand supermarkets do not have the variety that they used to (my local ones anyway).

I don't want tasty bread everyday, I'm actually trying to cut back on bread. But a small loaf each weekend would be enjoyable. Many years ago I had a small bread maker. It made excellent dough but the bread it baked was somehow lacking though the same dough cooked in the oven was delicious. So I would be very tempted to try this again if only I had more counter space in the kitchen. I don't but I do have a dough hook for my ancient kenwood chef which probably ought to see more use.

Easy Soda Bread
To start the ball rolling I have here a soda bread made using the simple recipe from A girl called Jack . I'm not a big fan of soda bread but I cannot deny that this was a quick and easy make, another bonus is that it doesn't require any special ingredients. I'm not going to pretend that it tasted gorgeous but it was good to eat hot with the butter melting in. Will I bother to make it again? Maybe, the recipe is going into my recipe folder should I need to make a quick loaf.

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