Monday, 16 December 2013

A strange couple of days.

We were all looking forward to our little hamlet's annual carol get-together. Unfortunately it had to be cancelled at the last minute which has left us all feeling a bit flat. Added to the fact that my car has broken down it's not been a great couple of days.

However, things are on the up again. J has a bonus coming to him that will almost cover the cost of a new (to me) vehicle. (The money was earmarked for the house but never mind. There's always next year.) We are going to pick it up tomorrow morning and life should be able to move on again at a better pace.

When my car passed it's MOT a month ago we knew that we would have to look for a replacement at some point in the next year. It had a long list of advisory's that would need sorting and, to be honest, the car just isn't worth putting that much time and money in. Which is a shame as I love it. Luckily we have managed to track down a much newer model in a private sale that, fingers crossed, will be completed tomorrow. Perhaps the sun will shine again too.

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