Monday, 2 December 2013

Remembrance Sunday

Remembrance Sunday means different things to different people. To me it is my day of the dead, a time to remember those who are now gone irrespective of whether or not they were in the armed forces. I realise that my interpretation is more traditionally associated with Halloween/all saints day traditions but with the way that this has morphed into a children's fancy dress party I am more comfortable shifting them to this later date.

Both of my sons are in the scouting movement and this means that every year they take part in the local Remembrance Sunday parade which is followed by a service in the local church. The service itself is fairly typical but what makes it for me are the bagpipes.

Video of this year's parade that I was amazed to find on you tube

The Wessex Highlanders lead the parade and lift it from being just a walk through the town by adding a certain majesty to the proceedings. Towards the end of the service itself the band play Highland Cathedral (I think!). This is incredible and has turned me from a bagpipe hater to lover. With the acoustics in the church and the well placed use of the drums this piece of music becomes very uplifting but still lends a sobriety to the proceedings. Whilst the music fills my soul I cannot help but remember those who have come before us and also think on who have yet to come. It isn't depressing though, just a deep, intense acknowledge of both life and death. Very, very moving. And keeps me coming back every year.

In the past I have lit a candle for those gone. I've considered creating a simple ancestors alter for the day but have yet to do this. For now the organised pageantry seems to be acknowledgement enough for me. Whilst the church service goes on about me I am having my own remembrance.

Another late post. I seem to be on a roll here!

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