Monday, 17 February 2014


Not a picture of my junk room!
I should have guessed that I was going to get hit hard with a cold. And so I have. But it's nearly gone, hurray! I still feel lethargic but finally there is a bit of fight in me to get going again.

I have two nephews visiting us this week so it's an ideal time to plough through my junk room whilst my two lads are otherwise occupied. My junk room is pretty bad. In the last few months, whilst de-cluttering and clearing mess from the main living areas of our home the pile of stuff in my junk room has grown. And grown. Until it got to the point where I would just dump stuff on stuff and run.

The problem with having too much stuff is that over time it begins to own you and you find that you are having to waste precious time on organising it, just as I'm doing now. In the kitchen I have managed to get rid of a lot of stuff but I am finding this much harder to do in my junk room.

I love crafts and much of my junk is craft related. There is some lower quality craft stuff hanging about that I wouldn't mind binning but I hate for it to turn into waste and I really don't like waste. It was much easier to clear the kitchen as I was able to pass the bits and bobs onto a charity shop for re-use. I don't feel able to release my craft stuff in the same way. Anyway, I might want to use it one day. When I have time. When I'm not having to organise stuff to make all the stuff fit in.

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