How do I make myself happy? Where do I start? What does make me happy?

Last September, following a tough summer, I realised that I was sad. I considered seeing the doctors about this but I found that by acknowledging the truth and sharing this with my family there was an immediate improvement. I wasn't better but I did feel supported which was enough of a first step to make things easier for us all - especially my children who had had enough of my moodiness!

So, how should I cheer myself up? I've always been a positive person and had no desire to slink in to depression so clearly a plan of action was in order. When I considered what I used to enjoy doing I made the startling discovery that it had nearly all slipped out of my life. Where was my music? My art? Even working in the garden had been severely restricted thanks to the year of heavy rain. There are many reasons as to why I had let all of this slip away but I no longer have babies clinging to my fingers so it is time to focus on me for a while. If I'm happy then, as the family organiser, my family is happy too - and my children will find me more amenable to joining in with their games.

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