Monday, 31 December 2012

New pages

'A happier me' mind map
I have added some pages to my blog, these are categories that I have highlighted as being important to work on from my 'happier me' mind map (apologies for the poor image above). These are:
  • My home and garden - this is where I will focus on improving the environment around me. My primary target at the moment is the house but it made sense to me to add the garden here too
  • Health - pretty self explanatory. I need to both lose weight and become fitter, fitness is my higher priority but looking good would definitely boost my self-esteem
  • Celebrations - birthdays, festivals etc. I would like to do more to make these dates special to me and my family
  • Art and crafts - I love creating things but I do need to ensure that projects get finished AND that I create for the home more often
  • Academic studies - this is a page title I don't like very much and will change as soon as I think of a better one. I love learning but don't give myself the time to do so. This year I want to take time to study my interests more seriously
  • Personal development - this is a bit of a catch all category, I suspect that it will primarily cover planning and may even get deleted at some point as this whole blog is about personal development. We will see.
It will be interesting to see how this blog develops and whether any of these pages stand as I currently intend in a years time.

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