Tuesday 18 June 2013

May review, June planning

Not just a little late but very late! Anyway, how did I do for May?

The plan was: I don't have any particular goals this month, the garden requires a lot of my attention over the next few weeks. So I'm going to let things slide a bit and see how it goes.

What a disastrous idea. The lack of planning meant that I just drifted along with quite a few wasted opportunities. Gardening did happen and life was also overtaken by my boy's scouts summer show which is thankfully behind us now. But I personally feel as if I have achieved little.

So, back to attempting to be organised, here is my plan for the remainder of June:

Wellbeing: Keep my blog updated.
Home & Garden: Rearrange bedrooms/living space
Health: Stretch
Celebrations: Midsummer
Arts & Crafts: work on the sewing machine.


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