Monday, 25 February 2013

Thinking about Valentines

Home made Valentines candle
I don't like Valentines day very much. It has become too demanding, the popular colour theme of red screams out 'give me attention' and 'instant gratification'. When I look at the commercial aspects of Valentines there is very little there to hook me, in fact it makes me want to run and have nothing to do with it at all. But I'm not happy then either as, after agreeing not to celebrate Valentines with a loved one, hypocritical me is then disappointed not to be surprised by flowers and chocolate.

As Valentines can no longer be ignored (it's commercial presence is simply too high) then it will have to be integrated into a form that I can appreciate. I think that one of the key factors with this is colour. I think of it as a blood red day which brings to mind a vision of aggression rather than love. But a soft pink on the other hand is too cute and cuddly. But pink can work when paired with another colour to bring it back down to Earth, perhaps a nice teal or even a brown (not too girly for the blokes). The pink and brown theme would work well with chocolate cupcakes with pink icing :-)

I admit it, I forgot to publish this prior to the event but at least it means that I get to share what we did, which wasn't much! My partner surprised me with some chocolates on the 12th which was perfect timing as I had had an absolutely rotten day.  I treated all my boys to a box of quality street that was much enjoyed - I'll have to remember to do this again. For Valentines itself we enjoyed a good family meal including desert, though it completely escapes me now as to what it was! We rarely have deserts so I think that this is the key for us to making minor celebrations special. Much as I like the idea of doing some holiday decorating it didn't happen and wasn't missed in this male dominated household. 

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