Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quotation Art

Canvas waiting to be finished!

My bedroom needs more art but I'm feeling pulled in too many directions to be able to create an artistic piece that I will enjoy. So in steps a quotation. The craft blog world and pinterest abound with artwork of inspirational quotes but I have never got around to making my own until now.

The hardest bit of this project was finding the initial quote, I sifted through so many! Eventually I settled on this one:
Life is learning how to dance in the rain
It's a bit of a statement of where I am today, learning how to enjoy life again. I've always tried to look at things optimistically but this phrase goes a step further by encouraging you to embrace the bends that crop up in our journey of life.

I'm not yet finished but the phrase even in it's unpainted state is already hanging on my bedroom wall.

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