Thursday, 31 January 2013

January review and February plans.

January is over, how have I done?

Home and garden: I have the parlour to complete decorating, this has been proceeding at a snails pace as I really haven't had any enthusiasm. It does need finishing so this needs to move up my priority list. I have made a start with de-cluttering drawers and cupboards throughout the house, so far there has not been much to get rid of but many things have now found their correct home.

Health & Fitness: I did very well initially with walking three days a week but illness with my young boys meant that I had a few late nights and quickly fell out of this habit. There is more daylight in the mornings so I hope to continue but my priority is going to be on my diet and to get some of these pounds shifted.

Celebrations: I'm feeling pretty good here. We started the new year well and I have simple plans for Candlemas.

Arts & Crafts: I managed to tick off a couple of practical projects this month. I also had fun playing with making candles and invested some time researching this hobby.

Self learning: A definite success here. I have really enjoyed my keyboard practice. Not much progress yet, more relearning what I used to be able to do. But this has been fun and I credit being able to keep up my practice with having the instrument easily accessible.

Wellbeing: I have progressed far even in this short time of just one month. I am generally feeling happier and have had few despondent days. I believe that the meditation has helped though I am sure that longer days have also played their part.

Goals for February?

Home & garden, Wellbeing: Work in the garden at least 3 days a week
Health & Fitness: Plan healthy meals and cut out the rubbish
Celebrations: Enjoy Candlemas & Valentines
Arts & Crafts: Complete one unfinished project, start and finish one new project
Self learning: Continue with keyboard practice

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