Friday, 11 January 2013

Christmas de-brief

Our nine foot tree in a seven foot room!
I love Christmas. It helps to drag me through the dark of winter slush and dampness. I look forward to my children's excitement and anticipation, I enjoy the preparation and the fantasy of the perfect Christmas. Of course, we don't get the perfect Christmas but that's okay, I still enjoy planning for it.

However, this year was a bit different. Much got lost in my manic desire to decorate both my bedroom and our parlour for Christmas. This target was not quite achieved but was good enough to host a spectacular Christmas tree. The day was very pleasant, I had made the decision to have our main meal in the evening and this was a great idea. Instead of having that post lunch bloat we were able to enjoy the day though the weather meant walking was out of the question. Our TV was banned (though many programmes were recorded) to ensure that it remained a family day, not a staring at the box day.

How would I like to improve on it next year?
The day was maybe slightly too sensible, my boys are getting older so perhaps I no longer need to keep things quite so simple.
I forgot about dressing the table!!! The table did get dressed but this, a task I usually enjoy planning, was just chucked together at the last moment. Not something that bothers the blokes in the house but it did bother me.
See more people. I didn't feel like tramping all over the country to visit family but with hindsight I wish that we had done.
Charades. These were on the crackers and was a surprise hit so I may purchase some idea cards.

I think that this is a post I'm going to have to return to as I get more ideas :-)

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