Thursday, 3 January 2013

Re-discovering music: keyboard

Time for practice
So much to study but so little time.

I have such a long list of things I would like to do but instead of applying the scattergun approach and not getting anywhere I have decided to focus on one skill. This month it is playing the keyboard.

As a child I always had access to an out of tune piano and self taught myself to play. Lessons were never an option and I never progressed beyond grade 1 (does it count as being self-taught if I'm still at this lowly level?) but I had fun. As an adult music has been pushed so far to the side lines that I usually only have a go about once a year, before Christmas, with an easy carol book. And each year I get frustrated with how my minimal ability is deteriorating.

However, I do enjoy playing music so my goal, for the month of January, is to practice on the keyboard at least 5 times a week. No limit on time, 5 minutes is enough on a busy day though I will try for half an hour on average.

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