Thursday 17 January 2013


Meditation candle
Meditation is something that I have occasionally played with over the years, always wanted to do more of but somehow haven't. On my journey of rediscovery meditation would be a good tool to have.

Back in the days when I used to regularly walk there was little need for meditation, I had both the time and space to ponder whilst pounding the pavements. When my children were babies the time that I spent breast feeding them also gave me time to think within. Now they are noisy lads without volume controls I don't seem to have any space left in my head for me. But the advantage of them being older is that I can shut them out of my bedroom with the warning of no interruptions apart from emergencies. So far this has worked.

My intention was to meditate daily but this just isn't happening however I am managing 3 days a week. Sometimes I use a birthday candle to focus on, it is very satisfying if I am settled enough to wait out the whole burn. I would like to try a guided meditation at some point but this is suiting me for now.

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