Monday 3 March 2014


My washing machine is dying. When on a spin cycle it sounds like an aircraft that is about to take off. So, expecting the worst some day soon, we bought replacement bearings. Unfortunately there is no way to replace the bearings because our washing machine has a sealed drum. We are not happy.

Many cheap washing machines have sealed drums. Some not so cheap ones have them too. Why? To save money on those extra bolts and seal that they would have previously used. But what really annoys me about this is that it means when the bearings have gone that is it. Time to throw it away and buy a new washing machine. This isn't right!

So what are my options? The machine is out of warranty so there is no hope there. However, it has not quite given up the ghost so I'm going to keep using it until it does. I could try to delay this by cutting out the spin cycle so that the machine is not under so much strain but then I would need to get a spin dryer. I have always been tempted by these but reading through the online reviews I'm no longer feeling so enthused, they too appear to be not well made.

What else is there? I actually don't mind handwashing but the wringing out of clothes is hard work and tedious. Here a good spin dryer would be worth its weight in gold. Another option is a second hand machine that we know will be repairable. Or a brand new one. But whatever we go for I know that I'll be doing a lot more research.

The wonderwash, image from
And talking of research I've been looking for some greener options. The first I found was the wonderwash, it reminds me of a butter churn.

The green pod, image from
Another is the green pod. Both of these gadgets are small and I suspect not very robust, not really suitable for a regular family wash.

The breathing mobile washer, image
This final gadget I do like, the breathing mobile washer. Basically it is a redesigned version of the old fashioned dolly for pounding your clothing. It has good reviews and I can actually picture this working. But it's not on my shopping list yet. As I've said above, washing is the easy bit, it's getting the water out of the clothing that I've not yet cracked.

Edit: I found a way to wring out the washing! Here's a youtube clip, all I need to do get is 3 buckets. Preferably without spending any money :-)

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