Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Wireless internet

Dish at the end of our garden for
our wireless internet 
Spring is the time for big purchases, at least according to J. We now have wireless internet to bring our online speeds up to spec. Good enough for J to occasionally work from home.

Trench dug across garden to house for cables. And
neighbours fence that has since be replaced!
The problem with living in a rural area is that when it comes to having things updated, such as getting superfast broadband, we are fairly low down on the list. We're not even in a truly remote area so it will probably happen at some point, but not soon enough for J. (You can check the likelihood of getting superfast broadband near you here)

My youngest hiding in the hole. Within a day this was filled
with water thanks to how waterlogged our land has been.
In a list of priorities apparently internet speed came out on top, higher than getting somebody to fix our roof or to sort out the dangerous patio at the back of our property. I'm not really complaining though, it is nice to have an occasional luxury and J having the option to work from home. We managed to reduce costs by digging our own trench for cables and the hole for the telegraph pole. This still hasn't been a cheap option but, probably partially due to water on the lines after such a wet winter, our previous internet was quite often unusable. It is great to be connected again.

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