Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Planting a copse

Old Shrubbery
Our big project of the weekend was to get the copse planted at the end of our garden. I have a fantasy in which we harvest wood for the house from coppiced trees. It will be a good few years before many of these babies are up to being harvested but we have taken the first few steps.

Shrubbery 4 years ago
When we first moved in this area was really lush, full of overgrown specimens that were happily doing their own thing. So we let them be whilst trying to get the vegetable patch up and running. In the last couple of years many of the original shrubs have died a natural death and the area had been taken over by rampant brambles and nettles.

Cleared of brambles
So we have been clearing and clearing and clearing. Most of the brambles have been dug out and the nettles mown. I'll need to keep on top of this to prevent the nettles from taking over again but in the meantime their trimmings are making great food for my veg patch. We still have an awkward patch to complete clearing that also includes privet (why?!) but enough has been done to make way for the trees.
Trees planted
We already have some coppiced hazels in this area and a couple of standard trees so it seemed the ideal place to add more. They are planted fairly close together to promote long straight stems when coppiced. I took many, many photos but my new trees don't show up well in any of them as they are either one or two year old specimens - you may just be able to make out the anti-rabbit plastic wrap! The varieties are hazel, silver birch, paper bark birch, lime and sweet chestnut. I would also like to get some oak in here too but I will wait until I have some acorns to play with as the budget has already been blown. 

I have yet more plants to add, though not enough to fill the area. There is the willow in my veg patch that needs a new home (originally supplied as cuttings that sprouted) plus a pile of primroses that ought to be moved. Over time I'm sure that I'll track down more woodland plants to make a home here but for now will make do with what I have.

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