Monday, 29 July 2013


Lots of lavender cuttings
My garden isn't really suitable for lavender, there are so many trees that finding an area of full sun is pretty tough going. But I love how useful these plants are so I am determined to make a space in the garden for them. I currently have one tucked away in a small, dry, dark bed. So far it has survived well enough to require a good trim. Rather than waste these trimmings I have turned them into a mountain of cuttings. If they all take then I will simply give some away.

I don't know the variety, I suspect Hidcote but the label is long gone. Hopefully I can make some hedging similar to that I saw in the Kitchen garden at Kingston Lacy but it all depends on how well these do.

And the lavender flowers? Unfortunately I didn't have enough to make it worth drying but I have used some of them to make some lavender cakes. Unfortunately I can still taste their oil on the back of my throat so a little less next time I think.

I am not the biggest fan of lavender scent, as a child I associated it with old ladies. But it has slowly grown on me over the years and I would like to have enough to use the flowers for crafts. The flowers I trimmed with these cuttings have already been grabbed by my son who is intending to make us more lavender cake. It will be an experiment.

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