Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bathroom, before I start

Bathroom when we first moved in.
Our bathroom is a mess. It has a good simple white suite but there is a dodgy old airing cupboard that used to house a tank and large built in chest that is far too close to the toilet for a household with boys. It hasn't helped that though the walls used to be a smart dark blue the edges of the wallpaper were curling, far too tempting for little fingers. It has been in this state for the last six months. I was silly enough to voice that painting this room would be my next big project and for some reason people heard this as, 'peel off the wallpaper'. Hmm. Time to tackle it, I think.

Long term there are a few changes that I would like to make to this room but I don't feel any urgent need to do this immediately. I want this to be a quick clean up, not another big mess to sort out one day in the future, we already have a few of these. So my plan is to remove the old fan and wall light, strip the wallpaper, bleach the woodwork and paint the walls. J asked me what colour which made me laugh as I haven't been thinking in terms of colour. We have multiple pots of white bathroom paint to use (thank you, closing down sale of Focus) therefore a white bathroom it will be!

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