Tuesday 1 October 2013

September review, October planning

Last months plan:

Wellbeing: Say no to spending
Overall I didn't substantially cut back on spending as there were a few expensive investment purchases, I don't regret these. But I have started keeping track of where my money is going again. I used to have a tight control over my money but stopped when I had to really cut back and didn't splash out on anything. But times have changed and treats have snuck back in far too often. It feels good to know exactly where I stand again, I definitely intend to keep up with this.

Health: Walk daily
Not so good, but I have been fairly active without this.

Celebrations: Enjoy the harvest
We attended our local cheese festival. I have been preserving many plums and apples. J has been picking many damsons and sloes for friends to make Christmas tipple.
Cheese festival
First plum harvest of the year
Preserving plums
Plum chutney recipe
Plum/damson rum
Plum cordial recipe

 Self Learning: try to be more organised with our daily plans.
I was going to say that this has been a bit of a disaster but actually, looking back on things, we have been out and about quite a bit. Organisation at home hasn't been so hot but then coughs and colds and general autumn blahs had kicked in. Moving on!
Being sociable
What about October?
I would like this to be a doing month. I love Autumn and, once my birthday is passed, I just want to nest, I also need to keep myself busy so that I keep going rather than hibernate.
Wellbeing: Don't let the Autumn blahs get me!
Home and Garden: Decorate bathroom
Celebrations: Birthdays!
Arts & Crafts: Wellies painting
Self Learning: Bake bread

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