Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Harvest loaf

Wheat sheaf
I made the dough for this loaf but the design was put together by our local home education group. It is based on a traditional harvest wheat sheaf (lots of images here). I had to keep my hands firmly behind my back to stop myself from interfering too much! It was an interesting activity, the children are all used to the feel and texture of playdoh but found the springiness of bread very odd to work with but did enjoy attacking it with scissors to make the wheat heads. They were also intrigued by the idea of adding a mouse to it (the bit at the bottom).
Ideally a low yeast dough should be used so that it doesn't rise too much and spoil the design. I didn't worry about this and just tried to follow the directions for a standard white loaf. The children were not disappointed.

Rolls the children took home
After working together they were all very pleased to use the leftovers to make their own rolls that they could take home. Even if I do say it myself, this bread was delicious to eat! I simply followed the instructions on the back of the yeast packet. I realised too late that there were two different recipes, one being for iced buns hence too much sugar going into the mix! Very yummy though.

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