Monday, 30 September 2013

Welly shoes

Welly shoes from old boats
This Saturday I treated myself and my son to new wellies. I use them a lot in the garden and find that they break around the ankles thanks to a lot of kneeling and crouching (a big reason why I only buy bargain wellingtons, with the use I put them through a more comfortable but expensive pair would be an utter waste). Rather than bin the old ones I prefer to cut them down to make welly shoes. For the coldest 6 months of the year the grass in my garden will stay wet for most of the day (I put this down to living in the vicinity of a large river, it gets very damp here without necessarily raining). Rather than getting normal shoes soaked I like to use these, they are quicker to pull on than a full welly so are great for quick jobs outside like taking the laundry to the washing line.

You can buy welly shoes, I found some locally for £14. However my new wellies are only £12 and, as these have been made from my old pair, I'm feeling that I've got quite a bargain thanks to my repurposing.

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