Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Plum/Damson Rum

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Another recipe I don't want to lose track of.

Plum/damson rum
We use a basic sloe gin recipe substituting the sloe and gin:
1lb fruit to 6oz sugar to 75cl of alcohol
For using sloes many recipes say to prick them with a pin, I prefer to use the freezer technique of letting them burst their skins whilst frozen.

I haven't made any rum yet this year though I have started the sloe gin to get rid of last year's sloes that have been hiding in the bottom of my freezer. It is a firm favourite with our extended family though J and I are not so keen. My mum in particular loves the damson gin that we make and has been known to arm wrestle my sister out of her portion!

This post has been so popular that I have provided more information here: Plum/Damson/Sloe Gin/Rum update

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