Thursday 19 September 2013

Cheese festival

Three cheeses, a pot of hot mustard and a packet of nuts.
Our local market town hosts an annual cheese festival. So far we have visited every year that we have lived here. The first time we bought far too much cheese and now make the effort to be a bit more restrained in our choices, you can get a bit fed up with them when the fridge is still full three weeks later!

I couldn't resist this Blue Vinny granary loaf. And it was absolutely delicious! Whatever happened to the girl who couldn't stand mould? I'm still not a fan of blue cheeses but I do enjoy the saltiness that they add when cooked in food. It has also reminded me to get back into baking bread once a week as I do enjoy 'interesting', rustic loaves.

Our final treat was a delicious meat pie. It was supposed to be beef and Guinness but I couldn't taste the stout. Despite this the pie itself was still pretty gorgeous.

I admit that this cost a lot. And when you add on the premium of the entrance fee we would have been far better off exploring a farm shop. But that is beside the point as it is a day out and something that we enjoy once a year, taste lots of good cheese (goats cheese is slowly growing on me) and sit, with a pint, listening to the live music. When we eventually wander home we get to enjoy a simple meal of bread, cheese and pie.

The cheese festival has become one of our annual celebrations, a festival for good food.

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