Monday, 2 September 2013

August review, September planning

Last months plan:

Wellbeing: Keep sane and plan days out
Keeping sane wasn't much of an issue this year, it was actually pretty peaceful though I did wonder if I was missing something! We didn't have many days out but the few that we did were remarkably stress free and enjoyed by us all.

Home & Garden: Keep on top of the washing up!
Not as good as I had hoped but then I wasn't feeling as stretched as I do most summers. As my nieces and nephews are growing older I am getting called upon less often to look after them.

Health: Still stretching
Stretching? What's that? I've come to realise that there is a point where stretching won't help stiffness if it is from lack of use. I really just need to be moving more and, thanks to my daily gardening sessions, I have been. It doesn't help that I enjoy crafting which can involve sitting pretty still for a long time.

Celebrations: Lammas? Carnival
I managed to miss both of these. Lammas isn't really something we celebrate anyway so there was no big loss here, it was just an idea I was considering exploring, there's always next year. Carnival, on the other hand, we usually do make an effort to attend and enjoy. This year I really didn't feel well enough for the walk to our local one and, as nobody else was enthusiastic either, we celebrated with a curry instead. It certainly lifted our spirits that night.

Self Learning: Tarot
I'm slowly progressing here. I will be posting some more updates about this soon.

So that's the last month complete, what about September?

I'm not really sure how, but somehow last month I managed to spend quite a bit of cash. I'm guessing it's down to entertaining visitors but I'm really going to have to tighten my belt to the next notch this month. It is also the beginning of the school year again so we need to get back into the swing of studying. My children are home educated but it is so hard to avoid the rhythm of the school year that I've given up trying. The following intentions are pretty simple but each of them is a biggie for me. Let's see how I'll do.

Wellbeing: Say no to spending
Health: Walk daily
Celebrations: Enjoy the harvest
Self Learning: try to be more organised with our daily plans.

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