Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Silly dolls

Naïve doll
The last time my nieces came to stay the youngest really wanted to make a doll. Time was running out so I suggested that she design it and I'ld make it.

The design was interesting... each arm and leg was a different length and the whole doll was to have red dots all over (she had just got over having Chicken Pox). After puzzling how to craft it well but still have it recognisable as my nieces design I decided to go with a very simple, naïve style of doll. I did everything that she asked for apart from the chicken pox - she could draw them on if she still wanted a dotty doll! She loved it.

As they were leaving for home her slightly older sister pulled me to one side and asked if she could have a doll too. So, from another sketch, a second doll was born.

This was a very freeing project to work on. I can get sucked into perfectionism so easily but this craft was all about being imperfect yet still produce a loveable product. I also only had a short time to work on it and found it gave me an extra push having to work to a deadline. Very enjoyable.

The photo above is of the second doll, unfortunately there is no image of the first one as my camera's memory card became corrupt. Don't you hate it when that kind of thing happens!

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