Friday, 20 September 2013

Ukulele bag

Pattern pinned to fabric
For some strange reason, not even known to me, I felt that the ukulele needed a cover. This was actually made a couple of months ago when I had a couple of hours free and fancied creating something different not to mention improve my sewing skills. It is made entirely from scraps including an old, out of shape towel as the liner. I also gave it a long handle to easily carry it around. One would think that I was planning on taking it somewhere!

Completed ukulele bag.
Whilst I am feeling pretty proud of the cover I have noticed one big problem with it. I don't play the ukulele anymore! With it tucked away inside of it's bag I'm no longer just picking it up to bash out a song. It is definitely time to take out the instrument and hide the bag.

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