Monday, 16 September 2013

My boy is getting older.

My youngest son at 1 week
My youngest has always been an awkward little so and so from the day he was born. It took him years to sleep through the night and he has always been overly sensitive when in a large group of  people. He is comforted by routine and rules though he doesn't like to stick to them. Every time he has hit a milestone I have rejoiced partially due to the twisted journey that it takes to get him there. But he does get there and each time, after the event, I am left wondering just what was I worrying about.

As a baby he hated cuddles though you wouldn't know it now from the way he demands hugs and kisses. I have a wonderfully bad video of him doing his best to avoid eye contact with my mother when he was only a few weeks old. I can still remember his first giggle when he was a toddler, we all stopped and stared in surprise. It sounds unbelievable but I hadn't even realised until that moment that I had never heard him laugh. It was lovely.

Every parent worries, it is only natural. Each child develops at their own rate but most of them get there in the end. My lad seems to prefer a random path of growth with strange fits and starts and many turns whilst completely ignoring the straight line you would expect him to follow.

This summer I have seen big changes in him. He is more confident. He is more socially aware. He is taking risks and exploring his environment. He is also questioning whereas before he would just accept. A bit of a philosophiser coming up with some very odd solutions to life, still often sombre but it is lovely to see him running and jumping just like a very normal little boy.

Because he is a normal little boy. Every child is unique. Every child will take their own path. It may take my lad a little while longer at times but he'll get there in the end.

His eighth birthday is coming up soon, I can't believe how time has flown! The early years have been a hard slog but he's definitely worth it.

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