Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Being sociable.

Random image of wood just because I like it!
I am by nature a homebody, I don't like crowds and have no interest in going somewhere just to be part of a crowd. Couple this with being a stay at home mother and you might think that I'm also doing double duty as a hermit. Thankfully my children are far more outgoing, even my youngest is getting there.

We live in a small hamlet but due to the nature of the properties we rarely see other inhabitants unless we make it to the pub (yes, we still have a pub!!). There are about 25 houses and the population is generally older. Our first few weeks here were lovely as almost everybody stopped to say hello which made it feel really friendly. We were invited to the annual village tradition of carols at Christmas which, to be honest, was awkward at the time with my sensitive youngest child. Lots of names and faces to learn. Unfortunately we've missed the last couple of years due to illness on the night but we finally reacquainted ourselves with the inhabitants en mass last Saturday at a 'Late summer gathering'.

This was lovely, we stayed for hours. It was an event I was dreading as I knew that there were very few children and was expecting mine to get bored and, after a while, be rude. They weren't and I was amazed and felt quite proud. Having said that my youngest was getting so comfortable that I suspect that he'd been emptying the wine glasses whilst I wasn't looking. Hmmm. But he does tend to do things to the extremes so he may have simply been feeling soporific, well fed and stretched out on the sofa. Being away from home is much easier now that he has grown out of much of his quirkiness.

To top off the day J and I went out to a local performance that evening, going out is such a rarity. Definitely the icing on the cake.

A lovely day.

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