Monday, 9 September 2013

Enjoying life

Nice smelling washing up liquid
Chores are a necessary evil. They have to be done but nobody enjoys doing them in this household. Washing up is the worst for me as it is never ending, as soon as it is complete a cup, spoon or some other utensil will appear ready for it's bath removing the satisfaction of a job well done.
Why am I talking about the washing up? It occurred to me the other day (whilst stood in front of the supermarket shelves in co-op) that little things are important to life. Especially when it comes to a daily chore like washing up. I was stood in that aisle staring at the different brands of liquid trying to decide which one to buy. I'm usually a supermarket own brand kind of shopper but this time I had popped into our local which tends to be on the pricey side. Staring at the choices I was unusually indecisive.

Despite a 'special offer', Fairy was out. I've not bought Fairy since they had 'Excel' in the 90's. This was not kind to my hands. I know that the formula has long since been changed but I can't bring myself to try it as I can still remember the itchiness and peeling skin it gave me. So, one brand excluded I was still left with everything else! Time to give the remainder a sniff test.

Does it matter how washing up liquid smells? Well, yes, to me it does. If I'm going to be standing over the sink for up to half an hour a time then the fragrance is relevant. It may only be fleeting but many have an odd, artificial, scent that can be quite unpleasant. In the end I spent an extra eleven pence to pick up the most expensive bottle - most unlike me! It was a co-op own brand of lime scented washing up liquid.

These last few days I've set to work with a lovely fresh smelling bowl of water whilst listening to a comedy on the radio (well, BBC iplayer to be precise). I wouldn't say that doing the washing up is fun now but at least some of the dreariness has been removed and I'm not putting it off quite so often.

That has to count as a success.

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