Friday, 30 August 2013

A wander through my garden

Eating apples, similar to golden delicious
It is nice to explore the garden with my camera, I'm looking forward to the harvest that will be coming up soon!
 The plums are coming on well. This is the tree that is always ripe first.
These damsons are still very green
We have quite a few self-seeded plum/damsons, most won't be ready for at least another month. It is good to have succession with these otherwise I would be swamped!
Globe artichoke
I've been pinching out many an artichoke flower. These were grown from seed this year and I don't want the energy wasted in the flowers yet.

Runner beans
I finally have runner beans. My early sown plants disappeared so these are from some half price shop bought ones. They've taken a while but it looks like beans for the table are imminent.
Purple sprouting broccoli
 My broccoli has taken quite a beating from the caterpillers. This is something I need to be more on the ball with next year and try to give them protection sooner.

Only one of my courgette plants has survived all the way to the plot but it is ticking over nicely. My squashes are also doing okay as is...

Snake gourd snake gourd plants! These have been untouched by pests so are doing their best to take over the garden. As they are not edible and only planted for a bit of fun this will not be allowed! They are growing up a support, I must do this with my squash next year as it works really well.

 From the native plants we have hawberries that are looking good (from the Hawthorn bush). I have made a lovely ketchup from these before and, depending on how large they get, may do so again.

 Our sloes are coming on well too... though my freezer is still full of them from last year!

Contorted pear.
This image of of a tree that we pollarded last winter, a very drastic haircut due to the amount of dead, brittle wood that it had. It is currently looking a little like a Dr Seuss tree to me! I am pleased that it survived.

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