Wednesday, 7 August 2013

My boys can cook

£5 of ingredients
Letting our children learn life skills is very important to me. Once a month my boys get to buy and cook a meal for £5. I feel that the buying is important. Much as I want to just give them the ingredients for a good, cheap, meal this doesn't offer the same learning experience as allowing them to make the choices themselves.  Any money left over can roll forward to the next meal. This month they wanted to cook a stir fry.

Shopping: there was a lot of swapping and changing of ingredients as they moved around the supermarket. Apparently the baby sweetcorn was essential even though this took a huge chunk out of their budget. Water chestnuts were snuck in too as was a sachet of cook in sauce. To balance the costs they decided against meat and used a can of cheap kidney beans for protein, they also went for cheap noodles. So not what I consider a cheap meal but it was within the £5 budget.

This was not my favourite meal! They cooked it well but I don't like baby sweetcorn or water chestnuts. I was a good girl, though, and cleaned my plate. I wonder what they will give me next month.

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