Friday 16 August 2013

I've been sewing

In assessing the clothes in my wardrobe alongside my lifestyle it is clear that many layers are useful. I have quite a few knit-fabric vest tops but their numbers are slowing shrinking as time passes.
I'm not keen on their shape either but as they are usually hiding under other clothes it's not too big a problem. Rather than just replace these with new I have decided to expand my sewing skills and make my own. As there are no sleeves to set in it is a relatively simple project, the biggest problem being to make sure that the bust darts lie in the correct place for me.
The above top is based on a free on-line pattern by Collette patterns, the Sorbetto. This is not a particularly flattering style for me but still useful. I cut out a size 18 and then did a full bust adjustment following an online tutorial (I forget where but google is your friend). I made a muslin out of an old worn sheet and I'm glad that I did this as it has helped me to create my own basic pattern that fits well. This version is made from an old shirt which I first sewed closed at the front. I used cheap bias binding around the edges and have this facing the inside rather than out. There is also a little narrow  lace sewn around the neck. All in all I am very pleased with this, a simple light weight top ideal for layering or on it's own for a hot summers day. In the photo it hangs a little oddly, in real life it is fine. 
Peasant top
This next top was also a mens shirt. I've always fancied making a peasant top and have finally got around to it using the tutorial I found here (a pdf file from Things of Cloth ). I quickly scanned the instructions then ignored them to work within the limitations of the fabric available. I love it! Unfortunately, despite making it as large as possible, it is too small. Which sort of makes sense when I remind myself that the shirt was too small for J in the first place. I'm definitely going to try this pattern again, I'll have to look through my stash for a larger piece of fabric - probably an old sheet. One day I may actually buy some fabric but for now I'm happy to practice on pre-used items.

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