Friday, 23 August 2013

Easy Garlic Bread

Recently, this has been one of our favourite snacks, easy garlic bread. It is a buttered piece of sliced bread on which an inch of garlic paste has been spread over. A minute or two under the grill and it's done. You have to go easy with the garlic paste as it's pretty salty.

Ever since I've worked as a waitress many, many years ago, I have been making garlic bread. For the base I will usually use a decent bread that is beginning to go stale. I would mix up some butter, garlic and herbs to generously spread over. Always a bit of a faff softening the butter but worth it. It never crossed my mind to use boring sliced bread but it is ideal for using up the crusts that nobody wants. Unfortunately our paste is now all used and won't be replaced anytime soon. We're now on the fresh garlic thanks to our garden. So whilst garlic bread is still an option, it's not quite so quick to prepare.  

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