Monday, 12 August 2013

Correct gloves and a long sleeved top...

Bark path by my leaf mould and compost bins. what I should have been wearing! Today was a big catch up day with hours of weeding and I have the tingling arms to prove it. Whilst I've been keeping up with the veg beds I've not been so good with the surrounding areas such as the compost bins. So today I was on a mission to demolish the nettles - and clean up anything else that I came across in the process.

My strawberries have had their leaves cut back, the raspberries had their old canes removed and countless annual weeds are now pulled. It was very satisfying dealing with the bindweed in particular, what was growing had weak roots so I'm clearly making progress on this patch. I'm definitely feeling the work out!

What do you do with weeds? Most of mine end up in the compost bin but nettle roots and bindweed get drowned for a minimum of a month (preferably longer) in an old, water tight, bin. I have a second bin for storing the overflow of roots in, when this is full I usually empty out the sludge from the water bin (assuming that it has had long enough to drown) onto the compost heap to finish rotting away.

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