Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rearranging living space

The room 'before'
We have had a rethink on renting out a room. We would love the cash but don't really want to have a stranger in our home, this is probably one of the reasons it has taken so long to get the room finished. So rather than continue to drag our feet over this and lose the use of a decent size room we have decided that it is to become the spare/music/office room. Hopefully everything should fit in!

The sludgy brown is wallpaper that went across the whole back.
This frees up our current spare room, a lovely little bedroom at the back of the house. My eldest is beginning to need more space now but my youngest is not yet ready to move out of their bedroom. So my solution is to create a dressing room/playroom for my youngest. It is actually a fully dressed bedroom but nobody is admitting this! It is good to get the large toys out of their shared room and the new space is getting a lot of play, I like to see my little one sneak away for a quiet hour in his own room.

The new spare room is on the ground floor and the d├ęcor was inspired by No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath, specifically this room. The Edwardian fire surround was found by J's mother who had planned to use it in her own house but it wouldn't work. It nearly didn't work here, the proportions seemed odd until I did some googling and noticed that in every photo I found this style fire surround in the rooms also had picture rails. So up went the rails and it now looks as if it has always been here.
Another after.
This room has been almost finished for a while. This past weekend I moved our books onto the shelves in there (part of rearranging our living room). Now it actually feels complete, a proper room rather than an odd 'doesn't get used often' room. You may spot that there is no desk in here yet,  eventually it will sit in front of the window where the keyboard is. Where I'm going to put the keyboard then I don't know!

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