Monday, 3 February 2014

20 miles in January

Do you remember this post Health: Walk! My plan was to cover 20 miles in the month. I knew that it wasn't going to be easy to find the time, what I wasn't expected was a month of floods! I didn't succeed but I'm not beating myself up about it either. I achieved almost 16 miles which I think wasn't bad considering how limited my options have been for getting out and about. The land is still saturated so I'm going to let this one fall by the wayside for now and consider another challenge for February.

2nd January: 1.3 miles
Easy stroll to see how high the local flood waters were

4th January: 3.12 miles = 4.42 miles completed, 15.58 to go
Walk to town, some of it was hard going through saturated clay mud. Feeling quite achy now.

5th January: 1.36 miles = 5.78 miles completed, 14.22 to go.
An easy stroll to see how high the local river/floodplain is. The views were amazing, deceivingly calm.

9th January: 1.36 miles = 7.14 miles complete, 12.86 to go.
A crawl to the river with my youngest son. It was a very long walk despite the lack of distance.

10th January: 1.34 miles = 8.48 miles complete, 11.52 to go.

11th January: 1.36 miles = 9.84 miles complete, 10.16 to go.
A quick march to the river yet again.

13th January: 0.72 miles = 10.56 miles complete, 9.44 to go.
Quick walk 'around the block'. I first attempted a foot path across the field but after twice stepping into the mud in my socks thanks to my shoes being left behind I back tracked and did the short route. I'm still happy though as I've reached the halfway point.

18th January: 3.12 miles = 13.68 miles complete, 6.32 to go
Walk to town with my son. We pushed ourselves a bit. Feeling pretty achy after.

30th January: 2.3 miles = 15.98 miles complete, 4.02 to go.
Working in the garden

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