Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Fruit Juice

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What is up with Tesco fruit juice at the moment? We enjoy fruit juice but because of the price only have it occasionally but recently I've been stocking up. The Tesco value apple juice has been only 16p for a litre carton. 16p! Can it even be made that cheaply? I'm assuming that there must be a huge pile of this stuff sitting in a warehouse that needs using up.

As if that wasn't enough their standard 4 packs of juice are now 86p, less than 22p per litre carton. Ridiculous? Without any offer labels either. Having stumbled across this reduction a little later than the first (after all, there is only so much juice I can carry in my basket) I have less of these tucked away now. 

Googling for the above images it would appear that this offer (though they have not been highlighted as being on offer) may be over or just a local thing. It's got me thinking about making apple wine though. At these prices it is cheaper to drink than squash, though I admit that I do limit my boys intake of juice because of the acid in it - fruit juice is no good for teeth. 

Apple juice from our own trees
I still have a few bottles of our own juice tucked away. Great though the above offers are their flavour cannot compete with the sharp edge of our own. 

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