Tuesday, 4 February 2014

January review, February planning

How did I do in January?

Wellbeing: Enjoy the outside
I didn't really achieve this. It's very muddy and claggy out there. Felling the tree last weekend meant lots of walking on the lawn with the results that I feared, compaction and loss of grass in some places.

Home and Garden: Kitchen, start garden planning
The kitchen has moved on albeit at a snails pace. The first few seeds have been sown for my garden this year

Health: Walk!
Update posted here, another one blamed on the weather

Celebrations: Grandmothers birthday
I missed her birthday but yet again due to weather and floods. But we did finally visit with gift in tow.

I'm not too happy with my list of excuses blaming the weather but none the less they stand. I do feel as if I've achieved a lot this month, but it isn't all visible and wasn't all planned.

And for February?
I usually consider February to be the coldest month though the longer days make it more enjoyable that January. I don't think that our wet weather is anywhere near over so I need to take this into account with my plans

Wellbeing: more music
Home and Garden: keep sowing seeds
Health: My son and I have started irish dancing, I want to get a lot of practice in.
Celebrations: Candlemas
Arts and Crafts: Yarn crafts
Self Learning: pick up guitar again

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