Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Meal replacement plans

I feel a bit mixed about these, my head tells me that they are a waste of money and I'm better off eating 'proper' food. But they are convenient for cutting down on my food intake, the rules are simple and give me no leeway for sneaking in the odd extra few thousand calories.

I am using the Tesco version (simply because it is cheaper) as a jump start for my weight loss program. I have two tins that should take me through the first two weeks, I suspect that this will be sufficient for my needs. This period will allow my body to adjust to eating less without the temptation of adding just a little bit more food to my plate every meal.

Just for fun, here are my pro's and con's:

I get to drink milkshake twice a day
I don't need to think about what I'm eating throughout the day
After the first few days of being hungry my appetite shrinks
It is very convenient
Convenient is great.
My children get jealous.

It never mixes properly
Looks appetising but the taste is 'off'
Texture is slimy
I don't like the flavour of artificial sweeteners
It just seems wrong.

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