Friday 26 April 2013

St George's day

Flay made by my son
We seem to have done St George's day in a big way this year. We started the week with my boys taking part in a St George's day parade through our local town followed by a fun day, organised by the scouts.

At our local home education group I decided to use the flag as my inspiration and ran up some flags using an old sheet, tearing it into rectangles and sewing a simple channel along one side. These were decorated by all of the children using felt tips. The designs were both colourful and inspirational... but I didn't think to take any photos. The one above was the only flag left over so my eldest son decided to use it for his den.

That evening we enjoyed roast beef (pot roast as it was a fairly cheap joint) followed by golden syrup suet pudding with custard. Ginger beer was appreciated by all.

What does St George's day mean for me? Not very much to be honest. It is a festival based on a catholic saint so has very little resonance for me. But as the patron saint of England it is a good time to appreciate our country and what we produce. I have heard it argued that the fact that St George was not English makes him a good person to represent the multi-culturalism within our nation. For us as a family it usually simply means that there is roast beef, that most traditional of English meals, and locally produced beer on the table. 

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